Double Counter
No more alt accounts

Say goodbye to alternate accounts with Double Counter, the most-advanced verification bot on Discord. Through an instant link-based verification process, our bot blocks VPN and alts in a very efficient way.

Unique Users
Support server members

The most advanced
Alt blocker

IP and cookies based detection

While most other ad blockers only rely on account creation date, Double Counter uses a wide range of factors.

Tons of (free) settings

Autoban of alt accounts, kick unverified members after timeout, different levels of logging, you can custom the bot to your liking.

Instant process - keep retention high

No need to log in through Discord, nor with any third-party service. Users can verify in 3 seconds with the link, which keeps your server's retention the very same.

Well documented and 24/7 human support

Video tutorials and detailed written documentation. If you ever need help, our support team is here for you!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When users join your server, they will automatically receive a link to our web portal. You can also make it so they have to type a command to receive that link. It contains encrypted data about their Discord account. The web portal then compares their browser data with other accounts and verifies or denies the user.
Other alt blockers only look at the account creation date. This is far from enough. The few alt blockers that also consider IP & cookies use a hard process (logging in with Discord) which makes new users leave. We make it a lot easier.
We offer as many free features as possible. Yet, some features such as custom DM or custom timeout are exclusive to the Pro version. We need this money to run our servers!
The bot should never ge down. We use advanced monitoring and have fallback processes which make Double Counter one of the bots with the least downtime in Discord. About a few minutes per month. We will let you know if it ever happens.

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