The official server for famous Valorant streamer TenZ, with 1.2M followers on Twitch



The official PewDiePie's Discord server.

Floor Gang - PewDiePie


Official community of 3M-subscriber Minecraft YouTuber Eystreem



French 1.2M-subscriber GTA YouTuber.



Double Counter was designed to be easy to set up, yet incredibly powerful

Holistic Scoring

The bot calculates a score based on IPs, Cookies, Account Age and other factors. With the most advanced verification bot in Discord, no alt will escape.

Detailed Logging

Double Counter sends super detailed logs: it displays the main account all detected alts are associated to. It displays all successful attemps, all faild intrusions, kicks and bans if enabled.

Tons of Free Settings

Double Counter provides dozens of free settings: autoban, auomated kick after timeout, ping staff when an alt is detected, levels of logging, and a lot more


Never Down

Stability and uptime is our #1 Priority. We use high-end dedicated servers with advanced monitoring and fallback processes to make sure the bot never goes down.

100% Customizable

The bot has more than dozens of settings. It has different modes, different behaviors and different types of verification you can select. Just choose the most appropriate method for your Community.

Best Support

We have a well-trained, super active and friendly support team with more than 20 staff members. Your questions will be answered in minutes and all feedback goes straight to the owner.


Easy 5-minute Configuration

We've made the configuration process as easy as possible, with detailed documentation. We have you covered.

Welcome Channel

Define a welcome channel for your server

Verified Role

Define a role that is given to users who successfully verify

Log Channel

Define a channel where the bot will send all blocked attempts and important updates

Channel Permissions

Edit your channel permissions to make sure non-verified people can only see the welcome channel and verified people can access the rest of your server

150K-member Community

We have gathered a huge community of gamers, technology enthusiasts and Discord users that can advise you on Double Counter. We all share a common interest: making Discord a better and friendlier place.

Dashboard (coming soon)

We are currently developing a full dashboard with setting control, statistics and more.

Public Statistics

All our statistics are publicly available here for complete transparency.

Affordable Premium

We are committed to providing an almost-free service. Most features are free, and other features are available for less than $5 a month.

Double Counter is more than just a Bot

Double Counter is more than just a bot. Double Counter is a community where people meet.



Use the most advanced alt detection software on Discord, keep your retention rate high